Doctor Mephistur



I spread papa nurgle’s love across many sectors but I spent most of my time in the Screaming Vortex. However and at some point (because I am a master chirurgeon and have some knowledge of tech), I was approached by an initiate heretek that was part of a pirate’s crew. Knowing of my reputation and because his associates (Vinculum Proselytes) were distrustful of a Chaos Sorcerer and his promises of being able to fully elevate them to machines, we traded some notes.

However and unbeknownst to the Heretek, I was already blessed by Papa Nurgle and it was too late for him when he saw me grabbing him from behind and started cutting his neck with my power blade while saying “shh shhh shhhh you’ll make father angry by fully forsaking your flesh”. Of course, not before he transplanted a couple of cybernetics into myself a day before as to further enhance my quest for immortality.

Doctor Mephistur

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