Black Crusade: The Screaming Vortex

The Conversation Dies

"You crested the last hill and finally saw the Temple of Lies. A vast
field of wreckage and rubble stretched out before you, many square
kilometers across. In the center of the field, dug deep into the ground,
was a starship. Long ago, a titanic voidship crashed into Kymerus’s
surface. The impact broke the vessel, though it was not destroyed
entirely, leaving the monolithic ruins amidst a vast plain of debris.
You saw that in the centuries since, someone has built on
the vessel, adding double doors in the side so large that you
made them out from several miles away. You also just could make
out the tiny shapes of Screamers of Tzeentch, daemonic flyers
circling around the Temple. Some even appeared to be pulling disk-shaped
chariots through the air". 

The Heretics made it to the temple but as soon as they arrived Orick received a transmission that Doctor Mephistur had arrived at Carrion Corpse. Orick had to travel back to pick him up and asked one of the heretics to accompany him, due to the ambush they suffered on the road to the temple. Markus decided to join Orick on the trip back to Carrion Corpse. 

This gave the other Heretics some time to explore the Temple and the gardens. Prince Rayleigh took some time to appreciate the frozen statues of crashed crew members. Guards started following Garvosh, Konrad and Moxus around for no obvious reason. Moxus used his psychic powers to deduce there was a psychic force probing the visitors' minds for ill intent. Konrad started to ascend the tower and quickly use his stealth abilities to lose the guards following him. Konrad then started looking for something useful to salvage, even though the compound was heavily guarded. Garvosh and Moxus went looking for Damon’s Third Treatise on Matters Rare, both for different reasons. One to destroy the other to learn from it's secrets. Moxus asked Elika the Seer for directions and she sent a guide with him. After a couple of hours of walking through the maze that was the tower they arrived at the library containing Damon’s Third Treatise on Matters Rare. Moxus started reading the book and copying everything he could before being summoned. Garvosh looked on as his newfound ally was holding the book he was told to destroy, with four guards breathing down his neck. 

Meanwhile Markus and Orick arrived at Carrion Corpse and found Doctor Mephistur at the Barge feasting on a rather rancid meal. They shook hands and travelled towards the Temple of Lies. Markus and Mephistur took this time to get to know each other and discussed their shared interest in the sample of twisted flesh from the Temple of Lies. Orick passed them his vox id so they could contact him if they would ever require his services. They quickly decided to look for a way to acquire the sample of twisted flesh. They ran into Konrad and Rayleigh while investigating. They asked Konrad to get the sample when the "preservatories" would close near sundown. Konrad easily climbed the fence and got to work on the sample. He also salvaged what he could of the stasis trap for future use on The Redemption.  

Elika met up with Moxus and Garvosh and asked them to join her to find their allies. They all met up outside of the Temple before making their way to the Akrinus chamber. When they ascended the tower Elika revealed a hidden trapdoor that lead to the Akrinus chamber. There they found Renkard Copax reading an old tome as he looked at each Heretic in turn. He asked to be seated and furiously asked them about their pasts and futures as he compared it to the tome before him, the Torestus. After some time a whisp of clouds entered the room and spoke to Copax: "the other guests had arrived". Copax looked distraught and quickly carried on with his questioning. When he decided the Heretics were the ones foretold in the Torestus  he revealed his true intentions and cackled loudly as he cast a spell that blocked out all sound in the room as he vanished from sight. The Heretics looked on in surprise as they saw the glass dome shatter without a sound and multiple adversaries enter the room.

A big fight erupted where the Heretics took cover in the center of the room as the guards sprung their attack. Mephistur detected a psyker within the enemy ranks and Moxus set his sights on the enemy psyker. Both Garvosh and Rayleigh charged the incoming adversaries. Without the group knowing a Phase-Assassin had snuck behind Moxus and sprang to the attack. While the enemy psyker prepared his attack his failed his spell due to the nature of the silence surrounding the room and from nowhere the ground shook without a sound and almost everyone within 15 meters fell to the floor. Garvosh fell to the ground, Rayleigh seemed unhindered by the quake and the other Heretics were too far away. Doctor Mephistur aided Moxus against the Assassin and forced it to retreat. The Assassin phased out of existence and made it's way to the next target. Konrad used wings to get a better vantage point for a sniper shot. When he was preparing his shot he noticed Moxus firing on him, as the bullet passed him he noticed the Assassin had appeared behind him, he quickly flew towards the other side of the room. Rayleigh and Garvosh took care of most of the oncoming adversaries while Markus supported them fire shots from his carbine. Konrad again set up his rifle for another shot and noticed the Assassin appearing behind him again, he cursed and flew away again. The last guard was taken down while the Heretics unleashed shots on the Assasin. Rayleigh's plasma pistol found it's mark, it burned a hole right through the chest of the Assassin. 

Doctor Mephistur eagerly mended his new allies while who weren't wounded looked around the area for something useful. Markus found the Torestus laying where Copax had left it and quickly took it with him. Konrad found the weapon wielded by the Phase-Assassin and took it with him, little did he know there was a Daemon bound within it. After the wounded were tended to the Heretics descended the tower to find Copax. They found him at the entrance of the Tower talking to four Chaos Space Marines of the Word Bearers. They looked at the Heretics and asked Copax: "If the prophesied ones never reached the Temple as you claimed , then who are these? They are proof of his trachery! The Prophets of the Blighted Path will see you dead, Copax!"

Guards quickly sprung to the defense of Copax as they swarmed the Chaos Space Marines. Copax quickly grabbed a pyramid like device and tossed it, a Cackling Abomination appeared from the pocket dimension. Next he cast Foul Cage to trap the Heretics in place. The chain wrapped around them tighly squeezing them, Moxus and Konrad manage to avoid their deadly trap. While the Heretics were trapped the Abomination cackled and sprung it's attack inflicting massive damage. The Heretics struggled to break free from their bonds while Copax prepared his next spell. He noticed the Torestus in the care of Markus and remarked "accept the gift of change" as he aimed his Bolt of Change at Markus. The bolt hit him square in the chest and various colors erupted from the impact sending Markus flying. Garvosh broke free and was ready to fight the large Abomination, Copax noticed his strength and used it against the Heretics, he mindcontrolled Garvosh, eyes glowing blue and runes appearing on his body he turned towards Rayleigh with a snarl and started to attack him.

As Copax finished casting his spell he felt the warp turn on him as the energy around him exploded sending him flying 27 meters into the air. The prophesy he read from the Torestus came back to him he knew these were te Heretics who would change the Screaming Vortex forever and it foretold the downfall of a great prophet, he feared this fate so he took matters into his own hand, he tried to kill them before this prophesy would come to pass. Yet he laughed at the irony of the prophesy being so literal as he plummeted to the ground. Rayleigh and Garvosh dueled but Rayleigh appeared to be in his element and after a long hard fought battle slashed Garvosh across the chest making him catch fire and collapse on the floor. He turned his attention Abomination. Konrad turned tail and found a spot to shoot his Sniper from a higher vantage point. Moxus, Mephistur and Rayleigh fought the Abomination to the bitter end and managed to cut it down with the help from Konrad shooting the beast from up high. Copax came crashing down shattering his legs, as he lay there screaming Konrad shot him ending his legacy. 

Doctor Mephistur aided his allies while the bloodied Chaos Space Marines approached them. They were weary of their presence but they appeared to be allies. 

“Copax sought to avoid his fate. One of them said. 
He had long been an ally of my master, the Dark Apostle
Naberus. However, my master suspected the prophecy may have
contained the whispers of Copax’s own demise in addition to the
ascension of new powers within the Vortex. Perhaps he sought to
eliminate you to avoid his own entwined fate.”
“Regardless, it was my master’s will that you survive this day.
My name is Corvis. If you ask our favour, myself and my
brethren will see you off Kymerus.”

They contacted Orick who threw in his lot with the Heretics as they made their way to Carrion Corpse where they picked up the Frost Father's beast and left Kymerus.

Invitation to The Temple of Lies
session 1

Invitation to The Temple of Lies

I am pleased to inform you that a mysterious and rare event has recently occurred and though it is not yet apparent, it is an event which involves you directly. I am the Mendacious Oracle of the Temple of Lies. My forbearers and I have, for many centuries, foretold the destinies of a great many fortunate souls-and some unfortunate ones. It is our responsibility to receive visions from the Dark Gods and dispense them to those worthy of the knowledge the gods have chosen to impart. Consider yourself one such individual. A vision, unlike any other I have received in my great years, has been given me and cannot be ignored. I would even go to so great a length as to demand you come to me on Kymerus, rather than merely extend my invitation. I say this because to fail to impart my vision would be to damn the both of us in the eyes of the great Master of Magic and Fate, Tzeentch, and the other Ruinous Powers as well. Were I able to tell you on this parchment what I have to say, you would readily understand, but it is only safe to speak to you here. Your transportation and living expenses have been arranged for. Furthermore, you will be granted access to the entirety of the temple’s services and vast libraries after you arrive and forever after. Be assured, what you will learn from me greatly outweighs any concerns you may possess. I look forward to making your acquaintance.

‘Til we meet,

Renkard Copax


The Heretics each got the above invitation from members of the Temple of Lies. Garvosh was approached by a sniveling weakling that promised him paid travel to Kymerus. After accepting the invitation he heard the sorcerer, who gave him his wings and horns, speak in his mind. He told him to destroy Damon’s Third Treatise on Matters Rare, a relic kept within the Temple of Lies. Destroying it would please Baphtar.

Moxus while studying in Tarnor a city in Q'sal got approached by a friendly man offering him the invitation. Moxus readily accepted knowing the Oracle of The Temple of Lies was an honored and important figure for his world and faith. Moxus also remembered that the rare grimoire Damon’s Third Treatise on Matters Rare was kept in the Temple of Lies and was eager to find the it. 

Markus Vanger was speaking to a crowd on the planet of Sagrave where the locals spoke of the return of Lord Banehowl. Markus roused the crowd to attack the Dark Eldar slavers. When the crowd dispersed a swirl of shadows and stink surrounded him and a gangly two headed creature approached him. It's name was Gresh and asked him to deliver him a sample of twisted flesh from the Temple of Lies to him for Doctor Mephistur, who was delayed. Markus wasn't sure what it was talking about but before he could ask much more a man approached him and handed him an invitation. Gresh disappeared as quickly as he appeared. Markus sensed destiny's hand and accepted the invitation. 

Prince Rayleigh was looking on as his ship was being constructed. It was a wreck when he found it. The ship was formally named the Chains of Judgement, an inquisitorial ship that appeared from the warp over a year ago. It was a mess but quite a capable prize. It was almost ready to sail the stars. Now it's name was Retribution. On his previous ship he had sailed passed Messia where he picked up a crew and among it's crew was Konrad. Konrad was a capable ally to Rayleigh and helped him select a capable crew. They both looked on as a markedly stout, middle aged
woman dressed in robes of animal hide approached them from behind. Her name was Elika and she had an invitation for them both, saying that fate was already at work bringing them together. Rayleigh and Konrad both reluctant to accept with the ship nearing completion. She told them the future of the Screaming Vortex was at stake and also their lives. This caught their interest and they accepted. Rayleigh was interested in more than the invitation and spent some nights with Elika during their journey to Kymerus. 

They arrived on Carrion Corpse, the sole spaceport of Kymerus. Elika left ahead of the group to make arrangements and the group was expected to wait for transport. Konrad and Rayleigh travelled to the crashed Barge that served as an inn, Markus followed them realizing they were all connected to the same glorious destiny. Rayleigh and Konrad looked at the cloaked figure curiously but accepted his presence. Moxus decided to read his own tomes before following the travellers. Garvosh had some trouble stilling his traveling heart and wanted to set out with his trusty mount. Garvosh approached Moxus and asked him where he could find food and supplies for his mount. Moxus was reluctant to respond but summoned his powers and spoke to all the Heretics in their minds. He told them his name and intentions. Garvosh decided to look elsewhere for food and the location of the Temple. Locals didn't know the location to the Temple so he was stranded until transport arrived. He decided to camp on the outskirts of town.

Konrad, Moxus, Rayleigh and Markus  ran into Theon Theron, the owner of the Barge. He had rooms for them ready, as requested by the Temple. He seemed agitated by Heretics, especially Moxus. His entire staff was comprised of youngsters. Moxus deduced that Theron didn't seem to like old people.

A warrior who calls himself the Disciple of Crox lived just outside Carrion Corpse, scratching a meager existence in the barrens of Kymerus. So blessed with the Gifts of the Blood God Khorne that he was barely human, he wandered the world seeking fellow warriors to challenge to single combat. Thus far, he had not been bested, and he dedicated each kill to Khorne. He was a wandering berserker without the sanity to leave this planet.

The inhabitants of Carrion Corpse had learned to just ignore his cries for a challenger, as he would only fight those who accepted his challenge, and would grow tired if his challenge went ignored long enough. Rayleigh heard the challenger shout his challenge from outside and was bored enough to accept the challenge. The warrior was massive but his power sword quickly broke the warrior's weapon, it didn't stop him as he pummeled him with his fists. Konrad found a higher vantage point and prepared his sniper. Moxus and Markus watched the duel. Rayleigh who clearly had the upper hand was about to win the fight when Konrad decided to intervene. He shot the creature but the shot didn't manage to kill him. The Disciple roared and charged his position. As he passed Moxus charged his Q'sal crystal and stunned the warrior. It looked at him but before it could break free from the shock Rayleigh finished the warrior off. Angry at Konrad and Moxus that they interrupted his duel he confronted them. Moxus quickly told him he only stunned him so Rayleigh could finish him off, Rayleigh accepted the explanation but told him never to do it again. Rayleigh's shield was broken and he gave it to Konrad for repairs. Konrad went to work in his room, Rayleigh decided to rest in his with some company. Moxus studied his tomes in his room and Markus did likewise.

Garvosh saw fire from the barge and was in need of some warmth, there was no wood to be found on this world. When he approached he saw the fire was a corpse of a large warrior burning. He realized there must have been a great warrior here who bested the large disciple. He looked around the barge for this warrior and finally found Rayleigh, due to Markus. He asked him to fight him but Rayleigh wasn't interested in this brute. Garvosh then told him he would duel him with only his knife and if Rayleigh could make him bleed he would leave him alone. Rayleigh, interested in this new way of fighting accepted. Garvosh became frenzied and tried to end it quickly, Rayleigh much faster than Garvosh parried the knife and shattered it. Garvosh, surprised at this magic became even angrier and redoubled his attack. It was then that Rayleigh slashed him across his chest. Garvosh so lost in his frenzy continued the fight. It was then that Markus approached, he proclaimed Rayleigh the winner. Rayleigh kicked Garosh in the chest sending him sprawling into the hallway. Garvosh managed to calm down and accepted his loss, he went outside to rest with his mount. 

 The next day Orick arrived with a wagon to take them to the Temple of Lies. He checked to see if everyone was present but noticed that Doctor Mephistur was missing. Markus remembered Gresh and told him that the Doctor was delayed. It took some convincing to get Garvosh to join but it wasn't long until they drove toward their destination. Orick was quite interested in their travels and asked each of them about their travels. He made a deal with Konrad in trade of a story, Konrad wanted to drive the vehicle. Orick readily accepted. During their trip Markus noticed a flying creature following them from a distance. When they drove into a canyon he lost track of it. It was then many more of the flying creatures appeared. They were mutated cherubs ready to attack the Heretics. Orick hid himself underneath the vehicle as it stopped in it's track. 

The Heretics dispatched the mutated Cherubs by blade, gun, spell and sermon. The vehicle was full of blood and oil-like substance. Garvosh grabbed Orick and they quickly drove away. 


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